Trademark (sign for goods and services)

Before filing of your application for registration, we will recommend you to conduct a preliminary search in the databases of the already registered and submitted for registration TM in Ukraine. Such search will allow us to determine the chances of registering your sign for goods and services of trademark; to give you appropriate recommendations in case of detection identical or similar TM.

The process of TM registration could take place during the following terms:

  • standard procedure, the term of such registration is 16-18 months;
  • with acceleration after the expiration of the 3-month period from the date of filing the application, the registration period will be about 8-9 months.

To learn more about the procedure and cost of registering your TM, contact us with a letter — or send a message here.
During the examination of the TM registration application, it may be necessary to take additional steps, such as:

  • making changes to the application (for example, some changes in the legal address, address of registration, the name);
  • transfer of the right to receive a certificate upon application to another person;
  • filing a response to the preliminary decision of the examination of a possible refusal to register a TM.

The cost of such services is not included in the cost of filing TM registration application and is charged separately.
Also, after completing the examination of your application for registration of TM, you will need to pay the appropriate fee and state duty for receiving a certificate, after that you will receive a security document — Certificate, which is valid for 10 years and can be extended any required number of times for 10 years.