What is a trademark and why do you need it?

Trademark (TM) is a sign to identify goods and services and how they differ from one holder to another. In other words, trademark is self-identification of your goods and services on the market from other similar products; provision of unique name, that will distinguish your goods and services twenty-four hours a week throughout the year.

Visually TM is a combination of words, letters, numbers, figurative elements, colors — all that can be concisely and informatively transfer nature of your goods and services and what can be easily remembered by your clients.

How does the registration take place?

Registration includes:

  1. Provisional check of the sign
  2. Submission of the application
  3. Management of clerical work as to the application
  4. Obtaining of the certificate as to the registration of the trademark

First step is not obligatory, but preliminarily search in the databases of already registered trademarks and submitted applications can define the percentage of probabilities of successful registration of your TM, and also to receive recommendations in cases when identical or similar trademarks exist. Search can secure your time as you will not to have to come up and file new sign for the registration (in case of refusal based on identical or similar trademarks).

The registration can be conducted in the following timeframe:

  1. Standard procedure that will take 14-20 months.
  2. Accelerated procedure that will take 8-9 months.

Terms, indicated above, are approximate and indicated based on the practice.

During the examination of the trademark, the necessity to amend the application may occur or provision of response to the preliminarily decision of the expertise, when the application may be refused.

After the examination is conducted, we will receive the decision as to the registration of the trademark and after the state fee is paid, you will receive the certificate about trademark registration.

The certificate is valid for 10 years and this term can be renewed unlimited number of times as long as it necessary for your business.

Details on trademark registration and costs of it, you can find out via writing an e-mail, or via phone call or contact us via Viber, Telegram Messenger.