If you need to receive a patent for an invention or utility model, we will also need a primary description of the patent object, as well as drawings (if any). After preliminary familiarization with the documentation, we will be able to provide you with a full consultation regarding the patentability of this object. Also, we will offer to conduct a patent search, as well as calculate the cost of obtaining a patent, including the features of your object. Additionally, we will pay attention to such factors (if the applicant is also the author, how many points a formula may contain, etc.).

The object of the invention may be:

  • method (process);
  • product (device, substance, strain of the microorganism, plant and animal cell cultures, etc.);
  • a new application of a known product or process (used for process objects, substance-compositions, devices, but is most often used for chemical compounds).

Such objects of technology cannot be objects of the invention or utility model:

  • varieties of plants and breeds of animals (protected in Ukraine separately);
  • biological based on the processes of reproduction of plants and animals that are not related to non-biological and microbiological processes (that is, natural in nature);
  • topographies of integrated circuits (protected in Ukraine separately);
  • results of artistic design (which is the object of industrial designs).

The invention meets the requirements of patentability, if it is new, has an inventive step and is industrially suitable.

A utility model meets the requirements of patentability, if it is new and industrial-friendly.

Before preparing an application for a patent for an invention or utility model, we will necessarily conduct a search for «patent purity» in order to determine if there are previously issued patents or submitted and published applications for a similar method or product and whether our applicant will be able to freely use the patented object on the territory of Ukraine without violating the rights of other patent holders.

If you still have doubts as to whether your development is appropriate for the concept of an object of the invention or a utility model, our specialists will, together with you, consider your available materials and identify all necessary steps for obtaining a patent.

The right to an invention is confirmed by a patent that is valid for 20 years, provided that the annual fee for maintaining its action is paid, in some cases, the term of the patent may be up to 25 years.

The right to a utility model is confirmed by a patent that is valid for 10 years, if the annual fee is paid to maintain the validity of the patent.
For more information about the procedure and the cost of receiving your patent, please contact us with a letter — info@burkova.com.ua or send a message here.