Why exactly registration under Madrid System?

If there are intentions to use the trademark abroad, the logical decision would be international registration under Madrid Agreement. This agreement acts worldwide from 1891, Ukraine has joined in 1991. Additionally, Madid Protocol was signed in 1989, designed to simplify the system and allow access to it for countries that have not become parties to the Madrid Agreement. Currently, almost all countries that are parties to the Protocol have also acceded to the Agreement. There are 122 such countries.

The procedure of filling international application in few counties with payment of one fee is called Madrid System.

To avoid national registration of the trademark in every country, where you plan to use it, there is an opportunity to use World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Procedure, which is called Madrid System.

What is the procedure for international trademark registration?

  1. Firstly, if you have not done this yet, the application for TM registration in Ukraine has to be filed.
  2. Based on the application filed in Ukraine, an international application is filed to the International Bureau of WIPO, where you choose the countries to intend to gain registration of the TM.

This procedure has its own bonuses. Through a single centralized system, you can make all changes, such as: change of the owner of the TM, the address of the owner of the TM, extend the validity of the international registration and others.

The validity period of an international TM is 10 years, and after 10 years, to extend the validity of the TM, you only need to pay the fee and submit a corresponding request.

Our assistance in the process of registering trademarks under the Madrid Agreement is to:

  • necessary preliminary consultations and calculation of obligatory payments;
  • filling out and filing applications, including payment of mandatory payments;
  • interaction with patent attorneys of other countries indicated in the application for the international registration of TM, if there is a need for such interaction.

Details on international trademark registration and the cost of it, you can find out via writing an e-mail, or via phone call or contact us via Viber, Telegram Messenger.