Unfortunately, the present is full of situations where other individuals violate the rights to intellectual property, and the owners do not know how to protect their rights.

In such cases, it is first appropriate to stop the infringement, and at the same time introduce measures to prevent such violations.

By contacting us with information about infringements, you will receive detailed advice on possible actions to stop them, restore and protect intellectual property rights.

In particular, in our experience there are things:

  • infringements on copyrights;
  • infringements on rights on trademarks;
  • infringements on rights on industrial designs;
  • antitrust infringements.

And therefore, advising you, we will be able to offer the most simple and effective ways of protection in such situations. So, at your request, we will be able to send a letter of claim to the violator to resolve the issue, as well as protect your rights in administrative and judicial order.

You can find out more about the details and costs of support in the protection of intellectual property rights via writing an e-mail, or via phone call or contact us via Viber, Telegram Messenger.